Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What you can do for God (nothing, just so you know)

it always gets me how so many pastors preach that we should cut out tv and radio and movies and etc. from our lives in order to be 'closer to God' or 'seperate from the world'; what does cutting things from your life have to do with God's proximity to us?! let me introduce you to a wonderful, yet perspective-altering, fact: God is present in all places, at all times, in all actions. He's within and without us, beyond the farthest reaches of the known and unknown universe, yet He's small enough to fit inside 1 Planck length (just so you know, the Planck length was named after physicist Max Planck; it's roughly 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000162 meters. Current theory suggests that 1 Planck length is the smallest distance or size about which anything can be known; it's so small that we have no way to even observe something that infinitely tiny). God is untangible, invisible and unreachable to us; yet He's what we touch, He is what we see. we both cannot escape Him and cannot causally experience Him.

now, with that being said, what is your sacrifice worth to Him? do you think cutting television out of your life really impresses the God that defies logic? do you really think that God, the One Who came before time (that being impossible to us to even understand, being that 'before' is a time related notion, therefore God's being 'the One Who came before time' is a physical paradox to us) is limited by your choice whether or not to listen to your car radio while driving home from work in the evening? to think that you, a creature destined for death and, without the very God we're speaking of, eternity in Hell, is unable to draw us closer to Him because of a few physical impedences (which are only impedences to us, mind you) goes against everything that christianity actually is. don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that sacrifice is bad; rather, i'm saying that it's good, but ultimately worthless if you never accept the fact that God owns your heart. " For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" -Mark 8:36. likewise, what shall it profit that same man if he were to cast off all his physical possessions, thinking it made him more acceptable in God's eyes, only to find that he himself is the true problem that's in the way? you have to realize that you are the 'sacrificial possession', not your tv, or music, or etc.. without a sacrificial heart, your actions are meaningless, trite and worthless altogether.

let me expound on this a little, to further clarify the truth: this teaching, that in order for God to be close to you, you must offer Him physical sacrifices, is misguided at best. sacrifice is not defined as 'how many possessions you can give up', but rather, it's giving up the notion of being able to be close to God by and through your actions. this is what my first post (or really technically second, but who's counting) was all about--The Unregenerate Mind. that is exactly what the unregenerate mind is; man's thinking that He has anything to do with God's will, or power, or presence in this world, or thinking that our choice to give up 'worldly' possessions brings us closer to God. our actions are just actions; it's our heart God's after, not our actions. besides that, if we accept that God has our hearts, He'll have our actions by default anyway; so your running around, worrying about how much you can 'do for God' isn't even something you should worry about!

how many christians out there live enslaved to their own ideas of Who God is and What He requires of them? how sad it is to know that the unending freedom spoken of in John 8:32 is literally all around them all the time, but they're the objects standing in the way of it taking them over, inside and out! let me be completely frank here; this is why i've started this blog. i don't honestly know where this is going, but i only hope that others will read this and take up my fight alongside me. perhaps others are out there that will see, or already have seen, God in a way that can only be described as 'Enlightenment', just as He's revealed Himself to me.

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